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    Picco & Martini is a well established company which has been in business since 1926 firstly operating throughout Piedmont and then nationally and internationally in the sales and transformation of glass. It has two production sites with a total covered surface area of 6,000 m2.
    Today, Picco & Martini is a leading benchmark in the field of passive fire protection using glass components.

    Specialists in safety products and especially in fireproof glass, we offer solutions to nearly all those needs which call for a precise fire prevention remedy in line with the regulations in force.
    Our company started out by simply transforming glass but in recent years we have started to offer full window and door products in order to comply with the regulations in force.

    In addition, Picco & Martini with its in-house Technical Office provides support for fulfilling the challenges posed by passive fire protection.


    Although the company was founded in 1926, this Turin agency grew in the period immediately after World War Two, when the new factory opened on Via Pesaro, after the old headquarters collapsed in the Turin bombings of 1943.
    Shortly after the war, Pietro Picco, along with other glass companies in Piemont, set up the “Vetreria di Vernante” (Glassmakers of Vernante) which was a symbol and national recognition for glass manufacturers, and during the eighties, he was awarded the American PPG (today AGC factories).

    For 30 years, Picco & Martini has held the role of Vernante, Piemont’s number one representative and distributor, and Pietro Picco was the first president of the Association of Glass-makers of Vernante, and remained on the Governing Board for over 20 years.

    In the seventies, Picco & Martini rode the wave of the Turin building boom. Running the company at this time was Pietro’s son, Piergiorgio Picco; the company became a point of reference for building companies throughout the Turin region in relation to supply for the shipbuilding industry until the 1990s.
    In 1995, the wheel was passed to Alberto Picco, Piergiorgio’s son, who gave the company new life, making the most of new technologies and techniques, bringing the company to the forefront with new solutions for insulation, security and furnishings. Picco & Martini specialises in glass security products for industrial use, and its activity centres on specialist products to be used in a variety of fields: safety glass, anti-vandalism glass, anti-burglary glass, anti-projectile glass, and flame-retardant and fire-safe glass. As a Pyrobel licensee of the Flat Glass Europe AGC, Picco & Martini always use the finest quality raw materials.

    Our latest achievements

    Discover the most innovative in the industry, the frames to protective glasses in all sizes. Fire windows, fire rated glass, glazing and burglar shatterproof glass horizontal fire, fire doors, armored glass fire, fire partitions, glass floors, fire, fire insulating glass exterior.
    Picco & Martini S.r.l.
    P.IVA 07420230018
    Sede: Via Teofilo Casale, 1
    10070 Robassomero (Torino) Italia
    Tel. 011.4242133 - Fax 011.4241659
    E-mail info@piccoemartini.it

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    Company headquarters: Torino, Principe Tommaso, 36
    Office of the Register of Enterprises: TO893213
    Registration number: 07420230018IT
    Share capital: € 150.000,000 fully paid

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